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This tool shows how many people in a group are involved in a conflict and visualizes the relationships between them.

Time 1,5-2 hours

Material room, paper and pens for presentation and discussion

Group Size 15-35 people

Keywords conflict management, analyzing, critical thinking



  • Identify all groups or persons, that are directly or indirectly involved in the conflict
  • Present the conflict situation graphically
  • Clear up the conflict partie's relations to the problem and each other
  • Show where power is situated in that conflict context


1. The trainer explains the “conflict map” model with a concrete example.

2. In working groups the participants choose a conflict situation, visualize it with the model and discuss the following questions:

- How are the persons related to each other?

- Which persons are directly involved in the conflict, which indirectly?

- Where lies the core cause for the conflict?

- Which relations can we restore, strengthen or create for minimizing the conflict escalation?

- Which persons can positively contribute to solutions?

- Can we cooperate with all person? Who shoud be involved in a conflict resolution? Whom would you approach individually?


  • Did the model help to understand the conflict? What became more clear?
  • Did the model help to find a strategy to solve the conflict?
  • What strategies did you find?


Matthias Haberl

Matthias Haberl.jpg

Project manager for the Austrian development organisation Südwind, freelance trainer, facilitator and author of handbooks and on Competendo.