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Developing democratic and diversity-conscious societies through education. A cross-sectoral conference interconnects educational practice, European and national policy level developments as well as actors from different sectors. With exchange of good practice and impulses for policy, educational institutions, NGOs and facilitators and teachers.

Competendo Conference


  • Participants of the MitOst-Festival might join single workshops or the whole conference. Please just let us know, if you'd like to come in advance:
  • Apply through an email to
  • Updates on the facebook event page

Competence orientation – social impact and how it affects NGOs, schools, higher education and individuals


Introduction: Knowledge based societies, social innovation and competency centered learning as a response
Why a shift towards (self-)empowerment and competency-centered learning takes place and why the role of teachers/trainers/educators changes.

  • with Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Competendo and MitOst

Impulse: The non-formal education field perspective
What responses to the social challenges took education outside schools and universities? What is the role of non-formal education and its potential for innovation? How are non-formal education challenged through competency centered learning?

  • with Marta Gawinek-Dagargulia, Competendo and SKORO

Impulse: The European perspective
What role does European Union and Council of Europe play, what opportunities do they have in the light of current social, political and economical developments in the EU?

Workshop 1: Paving the road to competency development


  • Nils-Eyk Zimmermann (MitOst)
  • Matthias Haberl (Südwind)


  • How can we shape on the micro and macro levels better conditions for (self-)empowerment and for holistic learning allowing the development of transversal competencies?
  • Emphasis is put here on the aspects of initiative/intrapreneurship and how learners might become empowered for self-responsible action.
  • How can informal, formal and non-formal education co-shape competency-learning and optimal environments?
  • How competency frameworks and definitions or other quality-related measures help?
  • With small presentations of good practice

Impulse: Thinking in interdependencies: Global dimensions of learning
How does Global Learning support systemic thinking? How the global dimension can be included in usual learning settings and made use out of it for competency development?

Workshop 2: Facilitation: A challenge for activists, teachers and trainers



  • Competency centered facilitation requires a new definition of the profession.
  • It includes a shift in the attitude of trainers/teachers/instructors/facilitators toward empowering, cooperative learning, applicability of learning and resource orientation/confidence in the learners capacities.
  • On a social level diversity consciousness and inclusiveness lead to paradigmatic consequences for facilitation of learning processes.
  • A shift is relevant in all kind of learning. What are achievements? What are practices from facilitator, trainer or teacher education?
  • With small presentations of good practice

Impulse: Facilitation under the condition of social diversity
What impact does social diversity have on the role of facilitators? How facilitation can unleash the potential of diversity?

Lunch Break 12:30

Networking on education

Moderation: Competendo-Team

14:30 Studentenmeile/Viadrina University Frankfurt/Oder

Participants connect for the discussion and further work on the issues raised in the morning sessions. What challenges connect us? Who wants to contribute to further policy recommendations and advocacy activities? Who wants to contribute and co-shape the Competendo-Tools for Facilitators? Moderated through the Competendo team.


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