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The success of competency-centered education is highly depending from the style of facilitation and the attitude of facilitators. Successful facilitation connects attitude - the appreciative, needs oriented, moderating, collaborative, participative and inspiring management of group processes, know how for planning and managing learning processes, and knowledge about modern approaches and concepts of learning. As well in businesses and NGOs these facilitation competencies are required for successful teamwork, inspiring leadership or developing the potential of the involved people. The Competendo team is offering tailor-made concepts for facilitators, educational institutions, companies, or teams.

Toward a competency-centered way of teaching


Facilitation creates and guides through a process for individuals to form knowledge and skills in a self-directed way, according to their specific needs. Facilitators focus on an individual’s pre-existing knowledge, skills, and potential and help to activate it. Our facilitator-education helps experts in non-formal education and teachers in

  • Building skills in planning and moderating group processes.
  • Connecting experience in a seminar or classroom with, life experiences, and knowledge in the most useful way.
  • Developing an authentic facilitative attitude and following it in real life situations
  • Applying modern methods and methodological experience from diverse fields of education

Steps toward action: Education for self-responsible intitiative


Encouraging learners to overtake initiative, to put ideas into practice, or to act successfully in complex situations emphasizes on the active components of learning: discovery, reflective observation, trial and error, and growing with challenges or collaboration. Our trainings merge methods and include experience from fields such like citizenship education, entrepreneurship education, project management, or design thinking

  • Training of facilitators on how to empower individuals for self-responsible initiative
  • Delivering inspirational, motivational and empowering trainings for your target groups

Innovative learning spaces

Emphasis put on the active components of learning encourages learners to overtake initiative, to put ideas into practice, or to act successfully in complex situations. Holistic learning spaces offer possibilities for discovery, reflective observation, trial and error, and growing with challenges or collaboration. Our trainings and advice helps facilitators and educational organizations to shape learning opportunities in which learners may experience, reflect on, and develop their existing skills and resources.

  • Designing experiential, inspirational and participatory programs
  • Cooperating between formal-, non-formal and informal sources of learning
  • Connecting learning and practice in society and work
  • Including new techniques recognizing the dynamical and process nature of learning, such as coaching or mentoring

Empowering project teams and groups

Facilitation as a competency is a leadership factor. Moderating processes, a constructive, solution-oriented focus and managing social diverse teams or groups become more and more crucial for successful operations. We are focusing in our trainings for staff, decision-makers or teams on these aspects:

  • Moderating groups and project processes
  • Inspiring, solution-orientated and participatory leadership
  • Unleashing the potential of social diversity in your team, organization or business
  • Mentoring and accompanying the development of key competencies





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