Chocolate (Grand Candy) Mountain Chain

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This method helps the facilitator make the agenda presentation more interesting for the participants.

Time 10 minutes a day throughout the training

Material Candy

Group Size 10-50

Keywords Agenda, Visualize


This method presents the program of the seminar/training by introducing thematic blocs as a mountain chain of chocolates.


1. Present the program of the seminar by introducing thematic blocs as a mountain chain of chocolates.

2. Add a paper flag, which has the name of the topic on it on each mountain top. The number of chocolates in each mountain equals the number of participants (including the facilitators, mentors) present at the session.

3. Once the bloc is covered give everyone a piece of chocolate; it is refreshing and rewarding.


You can also decide to distribute the chocolates twice a day or at the end of the day. The flags can later be used for seminar evaluation.

Candy Mountain Chain.JPG

Tino Rasche

Expert and facilitator in non-formal citizenship education and experienced mentor. Focus topic: mentoring, creativity, competence development of individuals, groups and institutions.