Checklist: Security of Participants

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Collect measures for preventing threats to the safety of facilitators, participants and organizers.

The Worst

  • Think about the worst thing that can happen to participants while traveling to your venue (plane crash and car accidents don't count). Did you think about that? Now prevent it!
  • What are you doing in case of danger to life or serious health issues?


  • Making participants aware if an event/seminar venue is not densely populated and they need to walk long from the bus/train stop to the venue.
  • Inform the partipants about the local culture, customs and traditions. Let them know what type of behaviour or attire may result in unwanted attention.


  • Share information, where a meeting point is
  • Share at least two kind of contact data in advance (i. e. telephone number, email)
  • Remind people to have a phone on roaming or an device with wifi.
  • Collect contact information of friends or families in order to inform them in case of danger

Build Groups

  • Encourage participants to travel in groups.
  • Share the relevant information among participants from one city/region/arrival airport.

Dangerous Situation

  • When going to an excursion/hike always be in a group with an experienced local guide.
  • Have informations about emergency numbers, hospitals/first aid, consulate(s)
  • Take a first aid kit with you and know how to use it
  • Clarify security rules and appropriate group behavior in advance

Contact or Conflict with Authorities

  • Only the responsible organizers contact police or other authorities.
  • Do not let people who claim to be police officers but refuse to show their documents in.
  • Check legitimations of authorities to enter your space.
  • Involve witnesses from your organizer group or participants' group if talks with authorities need to take place.


  • Have all participants health insurance? Do you contract it for all oder each participant individually?
  • Is there a liability insurance for organizers and facilitators?
  • Is clarified between organization, organizer, facilitators and participants, who overtakes the risk if some damage happens?