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Describing a project is a demanding task. A lot of things have to be mentioned, need to be reflected, or made clear for other people and organizations. This list helps you to check, if your idea sounds fitting as well for other people, and if your concept covers the necessary information.

Keywords project development, project description

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It is relevant

  • Does it matter to all the key stakeholders involved on all levels?
  • Individually: the persons involved
  • Institutionally: for the organizations involved
  • Socially: for the community involved

It is right

  • Are you using the correct methods for the chosen objectives?

It is innovative

  • is it new?
  • Could it change the game?
  • Could it change (some of) the main issues in the system?

It is quick

  • Can you do it quickly?
  • Are you able to implement it parallel to your work?
  • Are you able to implement it within the time frame?

It is local

  • Let the local context teach you how to get it right
  • Trust that the right supporters and spectators will show up when you issue the right kind of invitations

It is effective

  • Are you using the strengths, competences and possibilities ...
  • ...of the existing team?
  • ...of the networks?
  • ...of the communities at hand?

It is replicable

  • Can you scale it? Any innovation in society depends upon whether or not it can grow bigger

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