Checklist: Preparation of a Moderation

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  • How do I welcome the participants?
  • How do I present reasons and background of the topic?
  • How do I present the aim of the unit?
  • How can I support the group with the finding of their aims and the formulation of it?
  • How can I grasp the participant's expectations?
  • How can I adjust the expectations to the aims of the seminar?
  • How do I grasp the atmosphere in the working groups and how can I reach that interruptions are manifested? How can we work on them or how can I reach that they are put aside for the moment?
  • Which rules can I suggest for the working and living together and how can I agree upon them with the participants?
  • How can I present the frame of the seminar in terms of time and the course?

Main Part

  • Which steps can I offer the group to work on the first partial objective?
  • Which sort of moderation can I propose the group for working on a phase of a moderation?
  • What are the concrete work tasks and the specific aims for the different working steps that I am going to offer?
  • How do I visualize aims, rules, and working questions of the process of moderation?
  • How do I safe the results of each working steps?
  • How much time does the group need for different working steps?

Final Part

  • How do I plan the results for the ongoing processes after the unit?
  • Which method and which question do I use to offer the group a questioning about the atmosphere after the finishing of the work on contents?
  • How do I present the check on the expectations of the participants at the beginning of the session with the the goals that have been achieved?
  • How do I finish and how do I say goodbye to the group?