Checklist: My learning goals

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Before leading a group through a learning process,facilitators can create a list of learning objectives and set a scale next to each skill or ability they would like to improve upon during their moderation.

Created By E. Heublein


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Holistic Learning

Handbook for Facilitators: Read more

Goals: What

For example it could be:

  • Improve my ability to impart knowledge about design ...
  • Increase awareness of others in the facilitator's team...
  • Improve my ability to gauge group moods and dynamics...

Learning space(s): Where

In the seminar

At home...

With whom, through what kind of action:

  • Seminar group, by...
  • Facilitator colleagues, by...
  • External persons, by...
  • Literature:...


Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Elke Heublein (Ed.): Holistic Learning - Planning experiential, inspirational and partcipatory learning processes; Facilitator handbook #2; Competendo - Tools for Facilitators