Checklist: Crucial Questions

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Fill out the two checklists one after another.

1. Who am I?

My Role in the Society

  • Who am I in the society, community, my social group?

Skills and Characteristics

  • With which of my qualities and skills I might contribute to an initiative's team?

  • What resources (i.e. contacts, money, time) do I have?

Topical Interest

  • What social issue makes me angry?

  • What topic or issue could motivate me for becoming active?

2. What do I need to be satisfied and motivated?


  • What kind of tasks I like to overtake?

  • What role I'd like to play in the team?

Learning Goals

  • What do I want to learn and to develop?

  • Which experience I'd like to gain?


  • What kind of challenges I probably have to face?


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M. Gawinek-Dagargulia, E. Skowron, N. Zimmermann

Steps toward action

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