10 Golden Rules for Moderators

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Facilitating is different from instructing. It is a form of steering a process that gives more space to the participants, and thus to the unforeseen. This checklist gathers a few tips on how facilitators can successfully meet this challenge.

1 Focus on the participants' goals, evaluations, feelings and opinions.
=> Which for you means, to step back with your personal contributions or opinions.

2 Take every participant serious and treat all participants in an equal way.
=> Allow all opinions and ideas to be presented.

3 Don't evaluate contributions of your participants.
=>Just describe what you perceive in a neutral way.

4 Have the goal of your unit always in mind.
If needed, help the group in seeing the goal again.

5 Motivate the group to find constructive rules for discussion.
=> Reintroduce these, if necessary.

6 Make your observation of group's behavior transparent.
=> Mirror, how they deal with irritations or conflicts.

7 Focus on Constructive Questions rather than on answers.
=> Let participants formulate their answers and conclusions.

8 Hear better, speak less.

9 Strive for clarity, help participants understand clearly what is being said.
=> Paraphrase aspects, opinions, findings

10 Support clarity with visual support.
=> Visualize

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