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this I will use on my next training > go to the section with the empowerment! -

   community developer worker -
   nice metaphorics, like the "citation" inside of the article, nice language, inconsistence of pictures, some drawings , some photographs for methods. The method-site is not that nice anymore, without pictures. pdf for downloading -
   visual, but could be easier overview. Isn't a short animation a good entry into the topic for explaining the "bigger picture"?
   takes some time to find the relevant content. Are there quality criteria for the tools? technocratic style, Onur uses salto website a lot, Browse is different than search. The Toolbox relies on search funktion. The search funktion relies on the keywords, the editors have a lot work to do in controlling. Tool means method here. Positive: The method has been experienced by..., who wrote it, ratings, . Disadvantages> Weak, bad quality photographs, not many pictures.
   maybe an index would help users - but not at the main page...