Trustbuilding: What facilitators can do

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Trust helps people get involved. Working with groups, we can foster common values or beliefs such as trust and transparency. What can you do to support participants in mobilizing trust and a willingness to cooperate?

Needs and expectations

Ask participants about their needs and expectations concerning

  • other group members,
  • topic,
  • facilitator

Make the diversity and the differences public.


Let the group experience that a discussion does not have to end with one “winning” or “loosing” side but is rather there to widen horizons and get to know other perspectives better.

Let the group discuss the seminar rules and add their own, reflecting on their personal needs and goals.

Interactive group activities

These ease the atmosphere and support the group feeling and capacity for empathy. By activating one’s own sensory perception, one’s sensitivity to other participants is increased.


Marta Anna Gawinek-Dagargulia

Marta Anna Gawinek-Dagargulia

Facilitator, coordinator of empowerment programs, author and program manager in the fields of cultural activism and civi education. Lives in Warsaw (Poland), head of SKORO association.




Handbook Empowerment-book-cover.png

M. Gawinek-Dagargulia, E. Skowron, N. Zimmermann

Steps toward action

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