Moderation of Decisions

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Introduction of some ways to moderate decisionmaking processes in a group.

Material moderation cards/paper, pens

Group Size 4-25 people

Created By H. Fahrun

Keywords moderation, decisionmaking



A group becomes empowered to take common decisions on a common issue.


The participants write their topics or questions on a moderation card. In example, answering the question: "Which topics and questions should be the focus of this unit?"

The moderator collects now the cards and presents them, simultaniously clustering them on a wall or board (or supported by a co-facilitator). Alternatively each participant introduces his or her card and clusters it on the board. See as well the method: Collection of ideas and problems

Evaluating with dots

Always when a decision should be made, we can do this easily by priorizing issues with dots. The question should be formulated by the moderator and been wrote on a flipchart. Now the participants can paint dots with markers or stick small stickers on the + or - section of the paper. This works as well fine with more than one question - when each is written on one paper.

Example: Dots

Priorizing with dots

When a ranking of aspects has to be done, we can modify the method. In example, you want to choose 5 topics out of ten on a list. In this case every participants gets 5 stickers or is allowed to paint up to five dots near the topics, he or she is favorizing.

You can decide if you want to allow, that participants can weighten aspects, in example by sticking all five stickers near one aspect.

Open question into the group

Here you ask the participants directly for an answer. Your task is, to paraphraze it in few words and to write the asnwer on a moderation card or flipchart. Then a moderator can cluster the answers in a way, that helps to work further with the outcomes.