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Contact: Yanina Tanewa
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Social Innovation Challenge
The Ideas Factory is a grass roots association exploring the potential of creativity and innovation to catalyze positive systems social change. We actively explore how the quality of human relations could be enhanced by designing of gamified approaches to solve burning social challenges. Our main focus is "Incubating changemakers" trough activating societal ressources approaches to economical empowerment and build up the skills in society to develop social entrepreneurship thinking, mainstreaming civic participation and civic education and the inclusion of marginalized groups. We have been persuaded irreversibly that when awesome people have an awesome cause and they add their creativity to the mixture, the results are nothing but good and that changing the world around may prove to be fun. We are functioning as an actual organization (with an office, interns and other marks of solidity) since 2011.trough the use of games, culture, art, non-formal education and designing space for conversations and meetings that matter.


The Ideas Factory identifies, nurtures and develops internationally and nationally a community of changemakers trough its programs: The Social Innovation Challenge, BABA Residence and EMPATHEAST - in order to help create self-sustaining systems of civil participation, social innovation and social enterpereneurs. Our training pool uses innovative approaches in order to awake the potential for social change of anyone who is willing to become a “Fabricator”. Our tools are non-formal education, creativity and the creation of networks of awesome people who can change things around them together. Our passion is to prove that there is a Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King or at least a sleeping in each and every one of us. And even they need help to rouse!

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Because learning is one of our main values. In order to be able to empower, we need to exchange, grow our capacities and share what we already discovered in our journey of creating synergies, accumulating and creating change.


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