Facilitator: Self-Assessment

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An assessment sheet for your first practice steps as a facilitator.
  I don‘t
fulfill at all
I fulfill a bit/
with support
I fulfill
most of the
I fully fulfill
(also in difficult
I am not sure
what it means
1Culture of active citizenship: I know what it means and am able to implement it in seminars
2Democratic acting - I know what it means and am able to implement it in seminars
3I am able to gain knowledge and experiences and thus develop as facilitators by myself
4When preparing and conducting a seminar I also keep aspects of sustainability (ecology, social, economic) in mind and apply them
5I can rely on others
6I am able to give space for others in the team
7I am able to treat every participant equal independent of her/his believes
8I know and share the institutional norms and values (self-test: can you name them?)
9I am able to include different point of views in discussions
10Participants understand to what my sessions lead
11I can work with participants even though they have another opinion than me.
12I need equal team work to facilitate well
13I know my personal learning needs and how to fulfil them
14I am on the way to find my own field of expertize as a facilitator
15I know the organizational tasks around seminars and take time for that
16I know and understand the image of human and society in Democratic Citizenship Education
17I have basic knowledge about democracy and civil society
18I know the specifics of non-formal education
19I know how to plan and design educational events (goal-content-method model)
20I am ready to share responsibilities in a team
21I can give feedback to all my colleagues and receive feedback from them
22I have a wide range of methods to get a certain goal
23I can lead groups in certain directions
24I am ready to deal with conflicts
25I can motivat others
26I am able to evaluate the outcomes of learning activities
27I am able to mentor and coach the project development of participants
28I can adapt on different needs of learners
29I can act in different roles as moderator, coach or trainer