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Documentation can be done in different ways. A checklist for one-to-one learning settings and mentoring.

A concrete basic protocol or contract

The findings of the first meetings have importance for the whole mentoring process. It is needed to document them most precisely. In some programs a contract is signed by both parties that fixes the responsibilities, procedures and other fundamental aspects

Preparing Meetings

For mentors, we recommend a Checklist: Preparing a Mentoring Meeting.


Protocols document results and are outcome-oriented documentations: Checklist: Mentoring Protocol.

Assessment Documentation

An assessment sheet is for reflecting and evaluating the process of a meeting. It is a good tool for mentors, but mentees can also complete assessment sheets: Checklist: Assessment of a Meeting.


Mentee journals are less formal but very appropriate tools. Their pages are basically blank and mentees can write notes or thoughts about meetings or other relevant topics in them. Such journals are raising awareness for self-responsibility, are open for the variety of documentation techniques which people favour and will increase in value the more they are used.

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Mentoring Handbook

Providing Systemic Support for Mentees and Their Projects

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