Communication Skills

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Communication skills are crucial for a democratic and civic society. Our participants need it to be able to participate properly.

Method: Four Sides of a Message

One of the basic concepts when it comes to communication in the german speaking area and maybe even outside of it. It is also interesting to work about it with participants.

Cultural Shock

This method is a brief introduction about intercultural differences and cultural shock.

American Debate

The method addresses the communicative skills and helps to reflect opposite points of view in a discussion. Therefore two groups discuss the opposite opinions regarding a topic. This may be a general relevant topic or a current hot topic in your society.

Method: Improving Powerful Listening Skills

Participants try out powerful listening in simluations. They experience the reciprocal action between sender and addressee and reflect the impact of powerful listening during a moderated discussion.

Collegial Inspiration

A person describes a problem he or she wants to solve, and his or her colleagues inspire him or her with their associations and advice. A very interactive and dynamic activity.

Constructive Questions

Constructive questions are a tool for guiding a learner or a group toward self-explored solutions and options in a coaching style. In this section we introduce types of questions focusing on solution-finding by activating the ressources/capacities of learners and focusing on their ability to develop and assess opportunities.

Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a method that was developed to improve the quality of interpersonal communication, in terms of relevance (giving relevant information) as well of moral quality (showing interpersonal respect). It is a skill that has to be improved upon and includes often very useful information. In order to gain from this information people need to develop the capacities to give and receive feedback.


Discussions make different perspectives on a topic visible. They are a useful tool for learning to defend the personal points of view as well as to react on different opinions. As well they help to shape the skills for critical evaluation and for interpersonal communication.


A summary helps participants in a discussion, a training or a meeting to follow the thread. Especially in discussions a moderator needs to calm down the passions, or to help the audience and involved disputants to find the common main question again.