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There are different paths to insight. Some people like to act in a structured, logical and step-by-step manner. Other people act intuitively and have no problem with open-ended tasks. There is a specific way of processing information in each learner's brain caused by spatial specialization (lateralization of brain function). This can be named as a person's cognitive style.

In a popular way it is explained as a general division between the left brain, cognitive and abstract hemisphere and the right brain, more intuitive non-verbal, social or spatial hemisphere. Some validated models exist that help you to reflect on your way of learning and thinking, such as Allinson/Hayes' Cognitive Style Index. It places individuals on a continuum between the two poles of intuitive and analytical. Where on this continuum would you locate your stylistic orientation?

Your learning style




nonconformist, collage, open end, trial and error, space, inspiration, simultanous

compliant, structured, systematic, verbal, step by step, analytical, detailed, plan


Which of the words above best characterize your learning style? Most people are somewhere along the continuum, therefore you may use words, associated with both domains!


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