Checklist: Possible ways to activate participants

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Participants/ responsibility for...

What you can do or plan concretely...

Learning goals and outcomes

  • Shared daily evaluation
  • Discussing alternative paths and goals
  • Allowing participants to define their needs

Program steps and activities

  • Shared planning sessions
  • (Co-)moderation by participants
  • Presentations

Well-being of the group

  • Participants define, what they understand under "well-being"
  • Independent and regular needs assessment by participants
  • React flexible in your planning and moderation on appearing needs
  • Make sure, that the needs of all are heard and reflected
  • Give participants responsible roles for the group

Free time, party, social activities, seminar room

  • Defining groups responsible for... the condition of the seminar room, the organizational aspects of a seminar, topical planning, common social activities...
  • Encouraging participants to bring with them things they like (music, instruments, good personal experience from their work, movies),
  • Creating time windows where they could share these with the group.

Elke Heublein

Co-founder of Working Between Cultures. Co-author of Holistic learning. Facilitator since 2004, certified intercultural facilitator (Institute for Intercultural Communikation, LMU München) and trainer (IHK Akademie München/Westerham), adult education (Foundation University Hildesheim). Focus: Cooperation and leadership in heterogenouos teams, higher education, train-the-trainer.

Holistic Learning


Planning experiential, inspirational and participatory learning processes in non-formal education.


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