10 Golden Rules for Moderators

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  1. Focus on the participants' goals, evaluations, feelings and opinions.
    => Which for you means, to step back with your personal contributions or opinions.
  2. Take every participant serious and treat all participants in an equal way.
    => Allow all opinions and ideas to be presented.
  3. Don't evaluate contributions of your participants.
    =>Just describe what you perceive in a neutral way.
  4. Have the goal of your unit always in mind. And if needed, help the group in seeing the goal again.
  5. Motivate the group to find constructive rules for discussion.
  6. Make your observation of group's behavior transparent.
    => Mirror, how they deal with irritations or conflicts.
  7. Focus on Constructive Questions rather than on answers.
  8. Hear better, speak less.
  9. Paraphrase aspects, opinions, findings.
  10. Visualize.