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Competendo platform shapes dialogues between facilitators, experts, and representatives of different policy sectors.This dialogue intends to lead to quality in education, to better conditions for competency based learning and to the development of education on local, national and European level.



Why competency centred learning needs more promotion and what policy, school leadership and civil society can do to facilitate better learning conditions for youth in Europe

The aim of these reflections and recommendations is to provide a proposal for strengthening competency oriented learning in the European systems and frameworks of education. Especially we broaden the perspective toward all kind of formal, non-formal and informal learning taking place in Europe and relevant for gaining the relevant competencies for acting as a successful citizen or professional, the so called key competencies. The Civic and social competences were the focus of our work.

In line with the Council of Europe we would see them as competencies for a democratic civic culture: “Competences for democratic culture enable citizens to participate effectively in a culture of democracy.”


Future of Key Competencies

The statement was Competendo's contribution to the review process on European Union's key competencies for lifelong learning.

Involvement in Educational Discourses

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