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Planning experiential, inspirational and participatory learning processes.


Handbooks for Facilitators #2
ISBN 978-3-944012-30-8 (Print)

Editors: E. Heublein, N. Zimmermann

Design: S. Georgiev

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Competencies are shaped best through processes that include a broad range of learning opportunities, such as incorporating knowledge, learning by doing, reflecting on specific actions, and cooperative learning. This allows for a conversation between self-driven activities and methods of facilitation that include participants and groups and all their diverse needs, experiences, and expertise.

We introduce with this book a planning approach and the building blocks for such a holistic learning experience. Furthermore, we explore how “facilitation” adopts a different attitude from a classical model of teaching.

From the Table of Content:

  • Holistic learning - a holistic definition
  • The facilitator's attitude
  • Planning
  • The building blocks of a holistic approach
  • Outlook: Moving toward holistic learning in our practice


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